Chronology of Personal Computers (1999)



January 4

  • Intel releases 366 and 400 MHz Celeron processors, priced at US$123 and US$158 each, respectively, in 1000-unit quantities. [1233.131] [1559]
  • Hayes lays off about 250 employees and shuts down operations in preparation for liquidation. [175.48] [845.24] [1559]
  • In San Francisco, California, the Macworld Expo / San Francisco trade show is held, over five days. [1078.100] [1094.23] [1205.8] [1246.97] [1598.102] [1647.24]
January 5

  • At Macworld Expo, Steve Jobs announces the release of new iMac computers in five bright colors. Each includes 266 MHz PowerPC G3 processor, 32 MB RAM, 15-inch monitor, and 6 GB hard drive. Price is US$1199. [1094.28] [1501.12] [1559] [1886.71] [2605.296]
  • At the Macworld Expo, Apple Computer introduces new Power Mac G3 series computers. They feature two-tone blue/white polycarbonate translucent cases with a handle on each corner, keyboard, mouse, two USB ports, two FireWire ports, 300 to 400 MHz PowerPC G3 processor, 100 MHz system bus, up to 1 GB RAM, ATI Rage 128 graphics card, 4 PCI slots, 10/100BaseT Ethernet, hard drive, CD or DVD drive. Prices start at US$1599-2999. [1094.67] [1501.12] [1559] [2201.16]
  • At the Macworld Expo, Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 4.5 for Macintosh. [1094.27] [1559]
January 6

  • At the Macworld Expo, Connectix releases the Virtual Game Station software for the Apple Macintosh computer, allowing users to play Sony PlayStation video games on their computers. Price is US$49. [1559] [2135.16]

  • Apple Computer releases Mac OS 8.5.1 operating system. [1094.29]
January 7

  • Intel confirms that its next-generation processor, code-named Katmai, will be called the Pentium III. [1559]
January 13

  • Advanced Micro Devices introduces the low-power K6-2 processors, designed for notebook use. They include 3DNow technology, and a 100 MHz processor bus. Speeds and prices are 266 MHz (US$106), 300 MHz (US$187), and 333 MHz (US$299) each in quantities of 1,000. [843.30] [871.98] [1559]
  • SyQuest announces that Iomega will purchase its intellectual property and US assets for US$9.5 million. [175.30] [1559]

  • Advanced Micro Devices launches the 400 MHz AMD K6-2 processor with 3DNow technology. [937.32]
  • IBM, Compaq Computer, Hewlett-Packard, and several peripheral companies form the Future I/O forum, to develop an architecture to replace PCI. [843.1]
  • Intel, Dell Computer, Hitachi, NEC, Sun Microsystems, and others form the Next Generation Input/Output group to develop an architecture to replace PCI. [843.1]
January 20

  • Comedy Central airs the South Park TV show in the USA. A personal computer with keyboard and mouse appears, accessing the Internet. [2478]
January 25

  • Intel announces the new mobile Pentium II processors, with integrated 256 kB L2 cache. Code-name during development was Dixon. Speeds are 300, 333, and 366 MHz. [871.41] [1265.4] [1559]
  • Intel announces the 266 to 300 MHz mobile Celeron processors for notebook computers, with integrated Level 2 cache. [871.98] [1265.4] [1559]
  • Linus Torvalds releases the Linux 2.2 operating system kernel. Some new or updated features include better support for multiple processors and hard disks, and easier firewall setup. [1559] [1601.9] [1648.53] [1708.28]
(month unknown)

  • Best Buy drops the Apple Computer iMac line from its stores. [1761.45]
  • Beny Alagem, founder and former CEO of Packard Bell, buys the AST brand name from AST Research, and forms a new company, AST Computers. AST Research will cease operations. [175.49]
February 1

  • Microsoft announces a new version of Windows CE, adding support for color displays. [1559]
February 2

  • Sun Microsystems begins shipping the SunPCi expansion card for Sun Ultra workstation computers. The card contains an Advanced Micro Devices 300 MHz K6-2 processor, Caldera’s DR-DOS operating system, 645 to 256 MB RAM, Sound Blaster sound, serial/parallel/USB ports, 24-bit graphics. Applications running on the card can access the workstation’s drives and network connection. Price is US$495. [1559]
February 4

  • Hitachi announces it will shut down its personal computer company in the United States, merging operations into Hitachi Data Systems. [1559]
February 8

  • Free-PC announces it will give away a free Compaq computer to 10,000 applicants willing to sacrifice a part of the screen’s viewing area to advertising. (For several months, other companies offer free computers with paid Internet access committment, or low-price computers with free Internet. By the end of the year many companies go bankrupt.) [1559]

  • Microsoft releases the DirectX 6.1 software. New features include support for the Pentium III processor, and DirectMusic. [1774.49]
  • Hewlett-Packard introduces the HP Journada 420 handheld computer. It features 256-color 320×240 display, and Windows CE. Price is US$499; weight is 8 ounces. [1169.9]
  • America Online completes its acquisition of Netscape Communications. [925.8] (March [841.8])
February 22

  • Hitachi announces the HPW-600ET tablet-style handheld computer. It features Windows CE, 7.5-inch color display, Hitachi 128 MHz SH-4 processor, modem. Weight is under 30 ounces; price is US$1199. [1559]
  • Advanced Micro Devices releases the 400 MHz K6-III processor. It features 3DNow! graphics instructions, Direct X 6.0 support, 64 kB Level 1 cache, 256 kB on-chip Level 2 cache. The processor incorporates 21.3 million transistors in a 0.25-micron process. Code-name during development was Sharptooth. [974.105] [1178.76] [1233.133] [1559]
February 24

  • At the Intel Developer’s Forum in Palm Springs, California, Intel demonstrates a Pentium III processor operating at 1002 MHz, the fastest standard desktop processor speed to date. [1559]
February 26

  • Intel announces the Pentium III processor. Initial speeds are 450 and 500 MHz. The processor introduces 70 new Streaming SIMD Extensions (SSE). Each processor has a unique identity code that can be accessed over the Internet. Code-name for the processor during development was Katmai. [974.105] [1178.75] [1279.43] [1425.31] [1559] [1635.52] [1897.131] (January [1013.92])
February (month)

  • Top selling computer game in the USA during the month: SimCity 3000. [2536.49]
(month unknown)

  • Palm Computing releases the Palm IIIx handheld computer. it features 16 MHz Motorola Dragonball EZ processor, 4 MB RAM, Palm OS 3.1, 2.4 x 2.4 inch passive matrix 16-shade grayscale backlit display, infrared port, serial port. Two AAA batteries power the unit for about two months. Size is 4.7 x 3.2 x 0.7 inches; weight is 7 ounces; price is about US$370. [1194.43] [1425.75]
  • Palm Computing introduces the Palm V handheld computer. It features 16 MHz Motorola DragonBall EZ processor, 2 MB RAM, 3.9-inch diagonal LCD screen, synchronization cradle, Graffiti software. Size is 4.5 x 3.1 x 0.4 inches; weight is four ounces; price is US$449. [1425.75]
March 1

  • Compaq Computer begins shipping the Aero 2100 handheld computer. It features 256-color display, 8 MB RAM, integrated microphone and speaker, Windows CE. A lithium-ion battery powers the unit for about ten hours. Price is US$449. [1559]
  • Oracle begins shipping the Oracle 8i database software, for a variety of operating systems. Price starts at US$1475 for a 5-user license. [1559]

  • Intel agrees to settles its antitrust suit with the Federal Trade Commission, agreeing to not refuse to do business with companies with which it has patent disputes. [11.14] [1559]
  • IBM announces it will begin distribution and technical support for the Linux operating system on its systems. [840.4]
  • Corel decides to market its own version of the Linux operating system. [1462.74]
  • Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 5.0 Final Release. [836.41] [913]
  • Intel releases the Pentium III Xeon processor. [974.105]
  • Iomega issues a recall of 60,000 2 GB Jaz drives and remanufactured 1 GB Jaz drives because of faulty power supplies. [1178.106]
  • Dell Computer ships the PowerEdge 6300 and 6350 servers, with four-way Pentium II Xeon processors. [840.10]
  • Netscape Communications releases Communicator 4.51. [1559]
  • At the Game Developers Conference in San Jose, California, the Computer Game Developers’ Association holds its Spotlight Award ceremony.
    • Best use of graphics: Half-Life;
    • Beast use of audio: Half-Life;
    • Best artificial intelligence: Half-Life;
    • Best action game: Half-Life;
    • Best PC game: Half-Life;
    • People’s choice: Half-Life;
    • Best multi-player game: Half-Life;
    • Best of show: Half-Life.
  • Intel releases the 433 MHz Celeron processor, with 128 kB L2 cache. [1425.31]
  • America Online completes its acquisition of Netscape Communications, now worth US$10 billion. [1711.39]
March 16

  • Sony Online Entertainment releases the EverQuest game for personal computers in the USA. [1732.50] [1870.64] [2291.113]
  • Apple Computer releases Mac OS X Server 1.0 and a preview version of Mac OS X for developers. [1918.45]

  • IBM and Dell Computer announce a seven-year technology pact, worth US$16 billion, in which IBM will supply Dell Computer with various components and technology. [840.10]
  • Microsoft releases Windows 2000 Beta 3 Release Candidate 1. [1444.35]
March 26

  • The computer virus “Melissa” attacks about 250,000 PCs worldwide in about three days, using Microsoft Outlook to mail itself to email addresses in the address book. This is the first virus capable of jumping from computer to computer on its own. [1260.193] [1420.126]
March 30

  • Settlement talks between Microsoft and the US Department of Justice fail. [1462.94]
March 31

  • Processor unit shares in the PC market: Advanced Micro Devices 46.7%, Intel 42.2%, Cyrix 11%. [1178.74]
  • Shipments of personal computers in Japan during the past twelve months: 7.53 million. [1559]

  • Shipments of personal computers worldwide during January to March: 25.3 million. [1559]
  • Shipments of personal computers in Western Europe during January to march: 1.6 million. [1559]
(month unknown)

  • Hewlett-Packard introduces the HP Jornada 680 handheld computer. It features 133 MHz Hitachi SH-3 processor, 16 MB RAM, 16 MB ROM, 6.5 inch 640×240 256-color LCD display, keyboard, 56 kbps V.90 modem, Windows CE Handheld PC Professional v3.0. Size is 1.3 x 7.4 x 3.7 inches; 1.1 pounds; price is US$899. Rechargeable lithium-ion battery life is about 8 hours. [1096.59] [1824.90]
  • Ember Media introduces the DigiCard, a 3 x 2 inch plastic card that can hold 16 MB, readable on any CD-ROM, DVD, or audio CD drive. Price is US$3.50 each for 500 cards, or US$1.45 each for 50,000. [1178.12]
April 5

  • Advanced Micro Devices releases the 475 MHz K6-2 processor. Price is US$213 in 1000-unit quantities. [1559]
April 11

  • In San Diego, California, the DemoMobile 99 Conference is held, over three days. IBM announces the WorkPad z50 portable computer. It features 8.2-inch VGA 64,000 color screen, 131 MHz NEC VR4121 RISC processor, Windows CE operating system. Size is 10.2 x 8 x 1 inches; weight is 2.6 pounds; price is US$999. [1574.8]
April 15

  • Bleem releases the bleem! PlayStation game emulator for Windows-based personal computers in the USA. Price is US$24.95 via Web site download. [2157.28]

  • Electronic Arts releases the Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri game for Windows-bases computers in the USA. [2160.48]
  • Families of victims of a school shooting in Paducah, Kentucky, file a lawsuit in US District Court seeking US$130 million. The suit is filed against movie, Internet, and computer game companies including Nintendo, Sega, and Sony. The suit alleges games such as Nightmare Creatures, Doom, Quake, and Mortal Kombat negatively influenced 14-year-old Michael Carneal who killed three and wounded five at his high school. [2289.30]
  • Everex announces the Freestyle 540 handheld computer, with color LCD screen and Windows CE operating system. [1559]
  • Handheld computer operating system market share: Windows CE 8%. [1185.20]
  • Cyrix releases the MII processor. [974.105]
  • Compaq Computer CEO Eckhard Pfeiffer is forced to resign, after eight years as head of the company. [872.1]
  • The computer virus “Chernobyl” appears. [1260.193]
  • Apple Computer releases the Final Cut Pro software for the Macintosh. [1886.71]
April 19

  • IBM introduces the IBM ThinkPad 570 portable computer. It features 300 to 366 MHz mobile Pentium II, 4 GB hard drive, external floppy drive, 64 MB RAM, 12.1- to 13.3-inch inch TFT LCD screen, USB port. Weight is 3.9 pounds; price is US$2700-4000. Optional US$119 UltraBase adds MIDI, second USB port, and two docking bays for CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, LS-120 SuperDisk, 100 MB Zip drive, second hard drive, floppy drive, or battery. [1096.57] [1559]
  • Caldera Systems releases OpenLinux 2.2 operating system. It includes Corel WordPerfect 8 and StarOffice software. Price is about US$50. [1559]
April 20

  • The Fox Broadcasting Company airs the Futurama TV show in the US. In a law court scene, the judge closely resembles an original Apple Macintosh computer. When the computer freezes, someone suggests “Try control-alt-delete”. [1926]
April 22

  • In the US, Connectix ceases shipping its Virtual Game Station software for the Apple Macintosh computer, complying with a federal court order. Sony filed a trademark and patent infringement lawsuit against the company in January. The software allows Sony PlayStation games to be played on Apple computers. [1559]
(month unknown)

  • Hitachi introduces the HPW-200EC handheld computer. It features Windows CE 2.0, 100 MHz SH3 processor, 16 MB RAM, 33.6 kbps modem, and 8.1-inch diagonal 640×240 resolution LCD display. Size is 10 x 5.2 x 1.3 inches; weight is 2 pounds; price is US$699. Operational time on battery power is about 8 hours. [1184.84]

  • Apple Computer introduces the PowerBook G3/333 portable computer. It features 333 MHz G3 processor, 64 MB RAM, ATI Rage LT Pro graphics controller with 8 MB RAM, 14.1-inch active matrix display, Ethernet, 56 kbps modem, 512 kB Level 2 cache, 4 GB hard drive, 24X CD-ROM drive. Weight is 5.9 pounds; thickness is 1.7 inches; price is US$2500. [1026.77] [1072.35]
May 5

  • IBM unveils the IBM WorkPad z50 handheld computer. It features Windows CE, 64,000-color 8.2-inch LCD screen, NEC MIPS 133 MHz processor, 20 MB ROM, 16 MB RAM, keyboard, 33 kbps modem, 8-hour battery life. Weight is 2.6 pounds; price is US$999. [1559]
  • National Semiconductor announces its intention to sells its Cyrix division. [974.106] [1559]
  • Macao issues two postage stamps with a telecommunictions theme, depicting the Internet, and a computer mouse. [2465.589]
May 9

  • The Fox Broadcasting Company airs The Simpsons TV show in the US. A t-shirt shows “C:/DOS C:/DOS/RUN RUN/DOS/RUN”, a reference to Microsoft’s MS-DOS operating system on a personal computer with a hard drive. A personal computer is shown, with monitor, keyboard, and mouse. [1971]
May 13

  • In Los Angeles, California, the Electronic Entertainment Expo is held, over three days. The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences presents Sid Meier the Hall of Fame award. [1204.54] [2531.37]
May 15

  • Netscape Communications releases Communicator 4.6. New updates include RealNetworks’ G2 multimedia player, and 56-bit DES encryption. [1559]

  • Microsoft releases Windows 98 SE (second edition), with Internet Explorer 5.0. [1897.131]
  • Intel and other companies in the USB standards group announce USB 2. [1412.137]
  • Corel releases the CorelDraw 9 graphics software for Windows. [1719.28]
  • In New York City, Palm Computing introduces the Palm VII Connected Organizer handheld computer. It features 2 MB RAM, and modem. Price is US$599; size is 5.25 x 3.25 x 0.75 inches; weight is 6.7 ounces. Two AAA batteries power the unit for 2-3 weeks. Connectivity via Palm for email and Internet access costs US$9.99 for 50 kB transferred per month, or US$24.99 for 150 kB. [1072.52] [1096.26,40] [1559]
May 16

  • The Fox Broadcasting Company airs The Simpsons TV show in the US. A cyber-cafe shows several color-cased computers, a reference to the Apple Computer iMac computers. [1972]
May 24

  • Advanced Micro Devices releases the Mobile AMD-K6-III-P processor, in speeds of 350, 366, and 380 MHz. Prices are US$249, US$316, and US$349 respectively, in 1000-unit quantities. [1559]
May 25

  • Corel releases Corel WordPerfect Office 2000 software. It includes WordPerfect 9, Quattro Pro 9, Corel Presentations 9, CorelCentral 9, Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications, and Trellix 2. Standard price is US$99, professional version is US$199. [1559]
May 27

  • In federal court in Salt lake City, Utah, a hearing is held in the case of Caldera versus Microsoft. Lawyers for Microsoft defend the company’s per-processor licensing practice as legal, as other options were available from Microsoft, most manufacturers did not accept the policy, and the practice did not apply to retail sales. [1559]
May 28

  • In the antitrust case against Microsoft, Garry Norris, IBM’s former director of software strategy and strategic relations, claims that Microsoft threatened to withhold a license to Windows unless IBM dropped support for Netscape Navigator, Lotus Notes, and other software. [1559]
(month unknown)

  • Casio introduces the Cassiopeia E106 handheld computer. It features Windows CE, 65,536 color display, stereo sound port, 131 MHz NEC processor, 3 MB RAM, 16 MB ROM, optional 56 kbps modem. Price is US$600. [1184.11]
  • Sony Electronics introduces the Sony VAIO C1 PictureBook handheld computer. It features digital video camera, 266 MHz MMX Pentium, 4.3 GB hard drive, 64 MB RAM, Windows 98, Zoomed Video PC Card slot, USB port, V.90 modem, 8.9 inch TFT 1024×480 display, Microsoft Works, Adobe PhotoDeluxe Business Edition, Intuit Quicken, Microsoft Money 98. Weight is 2.4 pounds; size is 1.5 x 9.5 x 5.5 inches; price is US$2299. Battery life is about 1.3 hours. Optional external 16x CD-ROM drive costs US$299. [1096.58]
  • NEC Computer Systems introduces the NEC MobilePro 770 handheld computer. It features 131 MHz NEC VR4121 processor, 32 MB RAM, 24 MB ROM, 8.1 inch 640×240 16,000 color LCD display, V.90 modem, VGA (800×600 to external monitor), PC Card and CompactFlash slots, Windows CE Handheld PC Professional v3.0. Weight is 1.7 pounds; size is 1.1 x 9.6 x 5.2 inches; price is US$799. Lithium-ion battery life is about 10 hours. [1096.59]
  • Fujitsu PC introduces the Fujitsu LifeBook E3600 notebook computer. It features 333 MHz Pentium II, 64 MB SDRAM, 6.4 GB hard drive, floppy drive, 24x CD-ROM drive, V.90 modem, ErgoTrack pointing device, 13.3-inch XGA TFT screen, Windows 98, Microsoft Office Small Business Edition. Weight is 7 pounds; price is US$2599. Battery life is about 2 hours. [1096.57]
  • Toshiba America Information Systems introduces the Equium 7100M computer. It features 400 MHz Celeron processor, 32X CD-ROM drive, 17-inch TekBright 700P monitor, 128 MB RAM, 10 GB hard drive, 10/100 Ethernet, Windows 95. Price is US$1714. [1096.49]
  • Compaq Computer introduces the Compaq Prosignia Desktop 320 computer. It features 466 MHz Celeron processor, 17-inch monitor, 250 MB Zip drive, Microsoft Office 2000, 64 MB RAM, 9.1 GB hard drive, v.90 modem. Price is US$1329. [1096.51]
  • Gateway introduces the Gateway Performance 550XL computer. It features 18 GB hard drive, DVD-ROM drive, CD-RW drive, TV/FM tuner card, Xeon 550 MHz processor, 19-inch monitor, Sound Blaster audio card, speakers, Microsoft Office 97 Small Business Edition. Price is US$3799. [1096.56]
  • Acer America introduces the Acer TravelMate 721TX portable computer. It features 333 MHz Pentium II, 64 MB RAM, 6 GB hard drive, V.90 modem, 24x CD-ROM drive, 14.1 TFT XGA display, Windows 98. Weight is 7.8 pounds; Price is US$2299. Battery life is over 1.5 hours. Options include DVD-ROM drive and LS-120 drive. [1096.50]
  • Toshiba introduces the 3200 series of personal computers, all built to order in hundreds of configurations. [1096.27]
June 1

  • Apple Computer releases the Power Macintosh G3/350, /400, and /450 computers, with updated PowerPC G3 processors. All include Mac OS 8.6. [1072.47] [1559]
June 9

  • Apple Computer ships QuickTime 4 software for the Macintosh. This release adds MP3 audio support. [1072.28] [1559]
June 14

  • Intel releases first processors made with 0.18 micron manufacturing process, 400 MHz Pentium II and Celeron processors. [1559]
June 15

  • IBM releases the 37.5 GB Deskstar 37GP hard drive, the world’s largest personal computer hard drive. It features 5400-rpm motor, five platters, 2 MB cache buffer, ATA-4 interface. Price is US$350. [1098.6] [1104.118] [1185.85] [1559]

  • Netscape Communications releases Netscape Communicator 4.61. [919]
  • Opera Software releases the Opera v3.6 web browser. [932]
June 16

  • Microsoft releases Windows 98 Service Pack 1. [1098.30]
June 20

  • The TNT television network airs the film Pirates of Silicon Valley in the US. The film is about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates in the early days of the personal computer industry. [1703.9] [1886.71]
June 22

  • Lotus Development releases SmartSuite Millenium Edition Release 9.5. Standard price is US$399, upgrade price is US$149. [1559]
June 23

  • Advanced Micro Devices announces that it will market the processor code-named K7 as the Athlon processor. The company announces it has started shipping 500 to 600 MHz processors to computer manufacturers. [1559]
June 24

  • Testimony in the US Justice Department versus Microsoft anti-trust case ends, after eight months. [1065.1] [1462.94] [1564.305]
June 29

  • La Salle Gallery in San Francisco sells an original Apple I computer with user manual, keyboard, and cabinet, at auction for US$18,000. [2605.7]
June 30

  • Paramount Pictures releases the film South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut to theaters in the USA and Canada.
    • A personal computer with PC keyboard and mouse is used to access the Internet.
    • When a holographic display is encountering difficulties, a man kicks the unit and says “F’ing Windows 98!”. He calls in Bill Gates and says “You told us Windows 98 would be faster, and more efficient, with better access to the Internet!” Bill Gates tries to argue that it is, but the man shoots him.
  • Via Technology of Taiwan and National Semiconductor of California announce that Via will buy National’s Cyrix division. [1183.48] [1559]
  • Retail software sales revenue for the past six months: 23% Microsoft products. [1185.20]
  • Retail operating system unit sales for the past six months: 77% Microsoft products. [1185.20]
  • Retail office suite unit sales for the past six months: 84% Microsoft products. [1185.20]

  • Shipment of personal computers in the USA during April to June: 25.6 million. [1559]
  • Market share of personal computer shipments worldwide during April to June: Compaq Computer 14%, Dell Computer 10.2%, Packard Bell/NEC 5.3%. [1559] [1750.90]
  • Market share of personal computer shipments in the USA during April to June: Compaq Computer 16.8%, Dell Computer 16.4%. [1559]
(month unknown)

  • John Dvorak quote in PC Magazine on the name Athlon for a processor: “It sounds more like a pair of sneakers. Or perhaps a new ointment.”. [1194.83]
  • Apple Computer introduces the PowerBook G3/400 portable computer. It features 400 MHz G3 processor, 64 MB RAM, ATI Rage LT Pro graphics controller with 8 MB RAM, 14.1-inch active matrix display, Ethernet, 56 kbps modem, 1 MB Level 2 cache, 6 GB hard drive, DVD-ROM drive. Price is US$2499. [1072.35] [1718.32]
  • Casio releases the Cassiopeia E-100 handheld computer. It features131 MHz NEC VR4121 processor, 16 MB RAM, one Type II CompactFlash slot, Windows CE 2.11, 3.1 x 2.4 inch active-matrix TFT 65536-color backlit display, infrared port, microphone, speaker, serial port. Price is about US$500; size is 5.1 x 3.3 x 0.8 inches; weight is 9 ounces. Lithium ion battery powers the unit for 6-8 hours. [1194.43]
  • Dell Computer introduces the Dell Latitude CPi R400GT notebook computer. It features 400 MHz Pentium II, 64 MB RAM, 6.4 GB hard drive, CD-ROM drive, 14.1-inch TFT display. Available operating systems are Windows 95, 98, and NT. Weight is 7.4 pounds; price is US$3098. Battery life is over two hours. [1096.50]
  • IBM unveils a coin-sized microdrive 340 MB hard drive in a PC Card adapter. Price is US$499. [1098.6]
  • A group of Amiga fans creates the Phoenix Platform Consortium, to develop an Amiga-like computer compatible with older versions of the Amiga operating system. [1559]
  • S3 acquires Diamond Multimedia. [1420.156]
  • 3dfx acquires STB Systems. [1420.156]


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