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Almost every month, a new online bookmaker opens on the network, which enters into active competition with other participants in this market, trying to attract new customers to register on their platform by all possible means. In this regard, betting platforms often offer lucrative bonuses and gifts, which ensures the expansion of the client base and provides several advantages over competitors. One of the most profitable offers for players is no deposit bonuses.

What is a no-deposit bonus?

Free bet, no deposit offer, according to bettors, is a very profitable offer that allows you to earn money easily, without a single risk of loss for the user of the system. This offer, which often pops up on the main screen of the platform in the form of a push notification, often confuses people, as they begin to doubt the honesty of the bookmaker, believing that this is contrary to business rules. However, this is not entirely true, and this no-deposit bonus is quite real, only to withdraw it from the application, you will need to fulfill several important conditions, such as:

• First of all, the customer will not be able to claim bonuses if he does not register and verify in the system, having previously indicated information about himself and his contacts.

• Immediately upon completion of registration, the system may require the first deposit to be made, or simply the indication of data from the debit card, so that the money is guaranteed to be credited to the account in the minimum allowable amount after wagering the no deposit bonus.

• As soon as the guarantees of receipt of money to the deposit account from the customer are received, he automatically receives a bonus, which is called no deposit in the system, and its size ranges from 10% to 100%, or it is issued in a fixed amount, depending on the marketing policy of the bookmaker.

• It should be noted that all no-deposit bonuses are a temporary offer from the system, and they should be used almost immediately as bets on the outcome of a sporting event. If this does not happen, then the gifts received may burn out after their expiration date.

• When a bet made with the help of the bonus has been played, the customer automatically receives an accrual to his deposit account, but, before withdrawing this winning, he may often need to fulfill several other conditions of the system. The rules and requirements for the payment of money won from a no-deposit bonus from an internal account are set by each bookmaker individually.

It should be noted that a no-deposit bonus can be received not only after registering a new user in the system, but also when reloading the account, and many professional players can use this option several times.

What should be considered before deciding to register on the website of a bookmaker?

Despite the fact that the no-deposit bonus offered by the bookmaker seems to be a very tempting offer, professionals do not recommend immediately following the link and registering in the system until the potential customer checks the following nuances:

• First of all, the compliance with the amount of the bonus offered in the advertising slogan and its real payouts is checked, since the declared 100% can be just an advertising ploy, which will subsequently lead to disappointment of the customer.

• Next, you need to check all existing restrictions on withdrawing funds from the system if the bonus wagered on the outcome of a sporting event won, namely, what conditions the customer must fulfill and how much it costs to make the transaction available.

• The period of activity of the no deposit bonus received after registration in the system, after what period it will become unavailable since this period can vary from 3 days to 1 week.

• Are there activation codes or additional verification through the request generator to activate or receive a no-deposit bonus? Although many betting platforms are already beginning to abandon this practice, it continues to persist for some bookmakers that have long been registered on the market.

Here you should also take into account some tricks of most betting platforms. A player may be offered a no-deposit bonus, but for this, you need to follow the link, fill out an additional questionnaire, pass a test for a bot, or fulfill other conditions. If the player has not done this, the system may no longer show him gift notifications. In this case, its validity period does not expire and, after the time stated in the terms and conditions, the bonus burns out irretrievably, and the player no longer has the opportunity to use it.

How to use the no-deposit bonus?

In order not to make a mistake when activating and using no-deposit bonuses, it is recommended to take into account the following rules, nuances, and recommendations from professionals or experts in the betting market in advance:

• It is recommended to check each sports betting platform several times for honesty, license, constituent, and other documents.

• You should also look into several independent portals on the net with testimonials from satisfied players that confirm that the bonuses are paid out and withdrawn from the account.

• You should familiarize yourself in advance with the content of independent exchanges and marketplaces, where all the most reputable and transparent online bookmakers are collected, and then select several of the most suitable ones from the rating and conduct a detailed comparative analysis.

• Before starting the registration of a new account, it is recommended to go to a special section of the website and study the detailed information about the conditions and requirements of the system to completely eliminate the risk of further errors. Increased attention should be paid to the lines that are written in small print since it is in them that the most important information can be hidden.

• It is also recommended to conduct a detailed analysis of the statistics of wins and losses in the system, and this information can be found in various independent Internet sources.

• It should be precisely understood that the bookmaker in question has been registered on the market for a long time and enjoys authority among professional bettors, and is not a clone to deceive users.

Despite the doubts of many players and precautions, the activation of a no-deposit bonus in the system is always a platform check for transparency, and it also makes it possible to make the first bet without risk and determine how difficult it is to withdraw money from the system in case of guessing the outcome of a sporting event.

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